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JJ's Positively Fit

"Fitness training with motivation to make your dream a reality and leave you smiling"

The M. N. M. Squad Lifestyle

The Motivated Nutritious Movement Squad (known as the M.N.M. Squad) is a community made up of all ages and fitness levels with one unifying mission, be healthy while having fun! M.N.M. Squad members have exclusive access to fun virtual and in person events and outings, Google Meet video call fitness classes, On demand Fitness Classes posted after the Google Meet classes have aired, and the Positively Healthy Cooking with Jillian D (Cooking Episodes) series , Fitness contests to win cool prizes, and so much more! The only thing that's missing is YOU!

We Are a Team!

The first M in M.N.M. Squad stands for motivated! I'm here to cheer you on, and so are your other squad members! Make new friends at our group outings and communicate with each other in our M.N.M. Squad forum. Share your health accomplishments whether you maxed out on bench press, lost a few pounds, or made it through a challenging workout, we want to hear it! You may just inspire and MOTIVATE someone else!

It's Personal!

I've had the pleasure of training most of you atleast once in person whether it was on vacation or in your hometown, so I've had the incredible honor of getting to know you a little bit! If there's a specific kind of workout you'd like to watch an episode about, or a certain ingredient you'd like to utilize in a new recipe, let me know and I'll do my best to create an episode showcasing what you'd like to see!

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